Am looking for a job as Old Age Caretaker, housekeeper, whatsapp me 0736605869 Cape Town

I’m Rose, a young lady from Zimbabwe,
looking very urgent for any job as I need to support my sick mother in Zim,
independent, single, reliable and hard working with 4 years domestic + single
old age man caretaker. Seriously looking very urgently for a long-time job. I don’t have any
commitments than my job, always focused, able to take instructions and I strive
to do what is required of me and go the extra mile.
Experienced in all housekeeping jobs like cleaning, washing clothes, ironing, all required shopping, prepare all meals,
Last years I worked all times as sleep-in housekeeper in Cape Town for single German oldage gentleman,
gaining a lot of experience in above listed tasks.

I have experience to look after single German pensioner, daily bathing, dressing, medications,
trained in daily massaging, assist going out, shopping, prepare special food,
sleep-in + available at nights to assist to bathroom.

I’m open minded, always positive + happy personality,
I accept any required dress code for working,
and willing to learn anything new.

I stay in Cape Town with my Dad, nobody holding me back from my duties.
I only need time off on Sundays for my church and visiting my Dad.
Looking for a stay-in job, please.
I can consider any job offer.
Please email, SMS, call or WhatsApp me anytime.
I am available immediately.

Should you require more information, please contact me,
best send email to


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