Hire Staff for Waitering, Bartendering and Catering Worker, Cape Town. Call/WhatsApp 073 348 4788 (To advertise WhatsApp 074 570 9412)

Hire Catering staff from Empire Hospitality Staff Solution, pride itself with provision of quality service staffs for your Catering Services. The staff caters for your events varies with each job, based on the event’s guest count, level of formality and degree of complexity. Although the number of servers you may need for an event may fluctuate, but most catered events require particular servers like; Event Planner, Bartenders, Busboys and Dishwashers. and additional employees to set up and tear down the event. Workers may assemble tables and chairs, rearrange the room and place linens on the tables. You also may want to hire a hostess or someone to assist guests in finding their assigned seat. for details send us Whatsapp to “27733484788Email to “empiregroupza@gmail.com”

(To advertise WhatsApp 074 570 9412)

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