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The Cocoon Forex Trading Course Curriculum

Time Of Completion:
13-Weeks (3 Months)
The 13 weeks can be converted to 26- Week (6 Months)

The cocoon forex trading course is a 13-week long course which is made for beginner traders who would like to improve their financial situation and live a better, empowering, financial independent lifestyle.

Warning: This course does involve hard work and a lot of effort so this not for the weak. If you feel like you won’t be able to deliver on your part, don’t contact me at all because this is only for serious individuals.

Week 1:
Explanation of definitions

Week 2:
Money Management
Learning the Metatrader 4 platform
Global Trading Sessions

Week 3, 4:
Technical Analysis
Support & Resistance
Naked Trading Based On Support & Resistance

Week 5, 6:
Technical Analysis
Candlestick Formations
Naked Trading Based On Candlestick Formations

Week 7, 8:
Technical Analysis
Chart Patterns
Naked Trading Based On Chart Patterns

Week 9, 10:
Technical Analysis
Trendlines, Channels
Naked Trading Based On Trendlines & Channels

Week 11:
Naked Trading Based On Everything you’ve learnt.

Week 12:
Technical Indicators, News

Week 13:
3 Trading Strategies (Tailor-made)

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(To advertise WhatsApp 074 570 9412)

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