The Complete Microsoft Excel Online Course

08/03/2019 Western Cape, Cape Town 165


It should come as no surprise that nearly every employer today is computer dependent - it’s just a matter of to what degree. To be successful you must at least have general proficiency in working with computer technology. You should have a strong working knowledge of popular computer applications, such as word processing, email and spreadsheets.

This Complete Course includes the following courses, although you may also enrol for each one individually:

Microsoft Excel for Beginners Certificate
Microsoft Excel Intermediate Certificate
Microsoft Excel Advanced
Please Note: This course uses the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2016. Any other versions will have some differences in the functions.

One of the most widely used programs in the world for visualising and analysing data is Microsoft Excel. This software is used in almost every industry, not to mention for personal use in households around the world. Small business owners rely on Excel to track hours, finances and invoices and large corporations rely on Excel for data analysis, to visualise data and innumerable other tasks.

Whether you are brand new to the world of Excel or you have training and knowledge of the software and are looking to improve your skills, this series of courses can help. By the time you finish the beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, you, too, will be an expert in Excel.

There is no time limit or deadline to complete the courses. You can access these courses from any mobile device, including tablets, computers and mobiles, as long as you have access to the internet.

This CPD Certified course is offered by a leading online skills training institution in the UK, currently at a very special price. Contact me for more information if you are interested.

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