Speech and Voice Therapy Modification

12/02/2019 South Africa 120 Vryburger Avenue, Bothasig 97


We specialize in a wide range of speech and communication problems, because, voice difficulties arise when the voice quality (pitch, clarity, volume, duration of utterance) is affected and influences the individual’s ability to speak comfortably, confidently and, in some cases, intelligibly.

Voice problems can occur due to a variety of causes (as seen below), the most common is voice abuse and misuse:
• Excessive talking
• Shouting or screaming
• Whispering
• Singing for an extended amount of time without warming up the voice beforehand
• Frequent public speaking without amplification
• Drinking high caffeine fluids or frequently eating very strong spicy foods
• Smoking
• Frequent visits to smoky, dusty areas
• Not using protection when working in dust or with chemical substances
• Some chronic medications
• Anything that may cause or increase the occurrence of reflux
My course was designed to enhance speech, language proficiency and communication effectiveness, including accent reduction. I provide personalized and one-to-one sessions.

References on request!

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