Q/What do you offer than your competitors?

A/For every ad posted on our website we offer a free tweet post on our twitter page

Q/How huge is your twitter audience?

A/We currently have 186,000 followers and still counting

Q/Is it possible to request more tweets for an ad?

A/Yes, We have a 7 tweets option (1 tweet per day X 7 days) and 30 tweets option (1 tweet X 30 days) but it's a paid service

Q/What is the advantages of paid tweets?

A/You will get more explosure and we will display your contact details in the tweets so potential customers could contact you even if they don't click on the link.

Q/How can I submit my ad?

A/You have two options: you can submit from our website SUBMIT YOUR AD HERE OR you can send via our WhatsApp number 074 570 9412