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15- The Hunger Games Society

David: I’ve described this society they’re creating so rapidly now as the Hunger Games society, where you’ve got a tiny few one percent running everything and the rest of the population in servitude and in dependency on the one percent. What has this lockdown around the world done? Exactly that, on purpose. That’s why they’ve done it. And in the middle is a police military state to hold that status quo.

Brian: You need to explain what that’s done economically as well and how that links to the universal basic income.

David: See, that Hunger Games society I’ve just described is not possible while vast numbers of the population have independent income. You can’t crash people into this poverty stricken, deprived masses – which is what this Hunger Games society is supposed to be – if people have independent income, or businesses, and stuff like that because they’ve got the money not to fall there. So, what they’ve done is they’ve destroyed all those businesses and all that employment. Many of them will never open again. And what have they done? They’ve created mass global dependency on the state. And if you take this state, and this state, and this state, and this state, and you go to the next level, you have the cult that’s orchestrating the whole freaking thing.

Brian: The stimulus packages. They just passed one in the States, $2 trillion to $6 trillion. Now they want to do another one and another one.

David: And what that’s going to do is destroy governments economically. And then, what they’re going to say is, “The economic system as we’ve known is no longer sustainable. It is no longer possible for it to survive. So, what we’re going to do, because we care so deeply about the human race, is to bring in a whole new economic system, which will all be based on a digital currency,” which I’ve been predicting in my book since about 1993. And everything you do and everything you purchase, they we will know about and, they can decide any time if you can purchase or not. If you go into a store now, and you hand over a credit card, digital money, and they try your card, and they say, “Sorry, won’t take your card. Computer won’t take your card” – so, okay, I’ll pay cash then”. So, when there’s no cash and notes – because this virus scam ticks every box for this cult, everything I’ve said from the beginning are justifying by what’s happening. They’re saying money’s dangerous because you could catch the virus from it. It’s bollocks. And so, people that used to take cash are not taking cash anymore because I might catch the bleeding virus, right. And you’ve got the people – the company that’s running the ATMs actually came out about three, four days ago and said, by the end of summer, cash could be finished because of the virus.

Brian: And the UK just introduced plastic cash, which probably holds the virus longer.

David: Yeah. It’s nothing to do with health. It’s all about control. It’s just such crap. Anyway, so when cash is gone, which is the idea, and you only have digital money – and what it’s planned to be is everything on your microchip. See, totalitarian tiptoe – step, step, step, step. They’ve now gone to your phone. They’ve gone from your cash. They’ve gone now from your credit card and have gone to your phone. So, now, it’s digital, phone, everything on the phone. And that phone becomes the microchip. It’s only one step away now. It’s all in my books in the 90’s.

16- The Dangers of Technocracy

David: And so, you go into a store, and you pay with your chip or your whatever. And they say, “Sorry, computer won’t take your card. Oh, it won’t take your digital money.” So, how are you going to purchase now? You are not. And dissidents of this system – which I will be one to my last freaking breath – will go off the Christmas card list of the computer very early on. It’s all about total and utter control.

Brian: Which is what they do in China now, again.

David: Yeah. Yeah. And as I was saying, this Hunger Games society is supposed to be – it is fascism. It is communism, which are different names for the same tyrannies really, centralization of power in the hands of the few. But the real name – although, the fascism and the communism, the way it plays out is basically the same. But the way it’s done is different. It’s a technocracy they’re creating. And technocracies – global technocracy. And technocracies are defined as societies that are controlled by bureaucrats, not elected politicians. They’re going. That’s the plan. They’re going. The more they can discredit politicians in the public mind, the more the public will say, “Oh, yeah. Well, they’re useless anyway. Yeah, let’s have a technocracy.” So, it’s run by bureaucrats, by scientists, by engineers, by technocrats.

All these people in Silicon Valley are technocrats. And the technocrats of Silicon Valley are already running the world – and we should not forget Israel either because that’s the second Silicon Valley of the world now, as staggering as it may seem. Most politicians haven’t got a clue of what goes on in Silicon Valley, let alone understand legislating for it. They’re running it. The Gates’ are running the whole vaccine operation. They’re running the World Health Organization. And so, the technocrats are already taking over. And the more you move into this technological, technocratic society of AI – the technocrats are taking over because the politicians have become irrelevant.

Now, whose grandfather was head of the technocratic party of Canada in the 30’s, which was campaigning for just such a society? Elon Musk. There’s no way that he’s doing what he’s doing by accident. And he will know what he’s doing. And these people need not celebrating, the Gateses, and the freaking Musks, and the Bezoses – another one – and the Brins and the Pages at Google, and the Wojcickis at YouTube. They don’t need celebrating. They need calling out. They need exposing for what they’re doing, which is building this technocratic nightmare, dystopian society based on AI and total censorship of any other form of view or information that is at odds with the official narrative, which is why Ofcom and Melanie freaking Dawes are banning discussion of the link between 5G and Covid-19 in British broadcasters.

And let me say this, Brian. Let me say this to the broadcasters. Let me say this to everybody who’s just accepting this. Let me say it to law enforcement. “Daddy, what were you doing when the global fascist state came in and the economic system was destroyed, and now we have to do everything the state say or we don’t get our pittance every month? What were you doing, Daddy?” The population, “I was just sitting there, darling.” Journalists, “I was helping to bring it in, darling, by lying to the public.” Law enforcement, “I was enforcing it, darling.” All the bloody best with that conversation with your kids and grandkids, when you face the fact and the reality of what’s going on.

17- The Brutal Lockdown

David: And I say this to law enforcement, you know. There are a lot of intelligent, genuine, decent people in law enforcement. But there are, at the same time, some monumental morons and some serious psychopaths, who are loving this now. Derbyshire Police is loving it in extreme imposing these laws, putting black dye in Blue Lagoon tourist attractions so that people won’t go there, telling my son, Jaymie, that they’re tracking him because he’s been out with his dog in the middle of freaking nowhere, can’t see anybody, because it’s not essential travel. And Derbyshire Police is run by a chief constable, Peter Goodman, who has such extraordinary levels of intelligence that he disconnected the Derby Constabulary Male Voice Choir from the police because they wouldn’t take women members. Male voice choir…uh, excuse me, male voice choir, certain sound. They refused, so he got rid – he disconnected them. And he has been overseeing Derby Police, who have been imposing this lockdown in extremis.

I say to the decent, intelligent, genuine police, law enforcement people in this country, your children and your grandchildren are going to have to live in the world you are enforcing – same with the military. “Oh, come and fight for your country, and we’ll let your family back at the barracks in Britain, live in total shite accommodation because we’re care about you.” You’re enforcing laws, not to protect the public, but to protect and enforce the will of a cult that makes psychopaths look like Mother Teresa. What are you doing? Look your children in the eye! Look your grandchildren in the eye! And tell me that you’re going to go on enforcing a fascist tyranny that is going to ensnare those kids as much as anyone else’s. Take your uniform off. Leave the force. Now tell me how you feel about what you did before. Now you are subject to what you were doing before. You can’t appeal to the psychopaths. You can’t appeal to the morons in uniform. But we can appeal to the very large number of decent, caring, genuine people in the law enforcement. What are you doing enforcing fascism? We’re at a point in the road here.

Brian: What do the rest of us do, David? What do we do?

David: It’s not for me to tell people what to do. It’s for me to point out the consequences of sitting on your ass, letting a handful of psychopaths and idiots – because that’s the dynamic – destroy your future, destroy your livelihood, destroy your kids’ future and your grandkids’ future. You go on sitting on your ass, and that is an absolutely gimme. What have you got to lose? What is there to lose? Most people have lost everything anyway, so what you got to lose?

18- Life in Lockdown

David: If you are faced with an army coming at you, if you got somewhere to run, you’ll likely run. Army’s symbolic of this freaking cult and all its agencies. But when you end up in a canyon and there’s only one way out, and that army’s coming through that way out, well, what are you going to do? There’s nowhere to run. So, you stand up, and you say, “We’re not having this. We’re not having this. You want me to do this? You want me to do that? Well, I am not doing it.” Because when you’ve got nowhere to run, you got nothing to lose.

And you know what’s happened as a result of this lockdown? Humanity has nowhere to run anymore. So, what are you going to do? Are you just going to take it? You’re going to let the tiny few do this to you? Or are you going to say, “I’m not having it”? And I’ll tell you what I do. I go out whenever I freaking like, right, whenever I choose. And I don’t go near anybody. Because although I say they’re buying a monumental lie, I respect their right and their belief that they’re in some kind of freaking danger. So, I don’t go near them. I won’t go near them. I like my own company to a large extent. So, what I do is I walk out my house, don’t see anybody. Get in my car on my own, and I drive out into the countryside. And I walk, don’t see anybody – a person nowhere near me. And then, I walk back, and I get in my car. And I drive home. I get out my car, and I walk back into my flat. I don’t see anybody. Now, I’m allowed to do that, according to these psychopaths and idiots, once a day in Britain. Now, I’ve said to them, “Send me a uniform. I don’t care what fancy dress it is. Send me a dark suit. And if they can explain to me why me doing what I’ve just described 10 times a day is going to harm anyone, even by what I say is your ludicrous criteria, then I’ll stop doing it.” But they never will be able to do that because, of course, it’s total freaking nonsense.

And the fact it’s nonsense, the fact that going out on your own and away from everybody – if you do it once or 10 times a day, doesn’t matter. You’re still not going to harm anybody, even by their ludicrous criteria. But you can only go out once. That tells you what this is about. It’s not about health. It’s about control. And it’s about a control agenda that goes back ridiculous amounts of time and is now heading towards its fruition. This is all in my books in great detail, the ancient-modern nature of this, because this is not something that’s new. It’s something that’s now reaching its end game. And 8 billion people, nearly, 66 million in Britain. Number of people locking everyone down, tiny. I think I see a way out of this.

Brian: What’s the way, David? What’s the way out of this? Us choosing to make a decision based on our own knowledge, and our own research, and our own gut feeling of what’s right?

David: Let me just say this. We got into this freaking mess through acquiescence to power. All of that power is simply our perception that it has power. Sixty-six million, handful, I don’t think it has. So, if we got into this mess by acquiescing to the illusion of power, what’s the freaking answer? Ceasing to do so. And then, we’ll see where the real power is. And it’s not with the few. […]

Brian: I think that’s exactly where we’re going to leave this today, David.

David: I’m going to shake your hand. And you dare give me Covid-19 that doesn’t exist!

[End of Interview]

19- Conclusion

Now that you have understood what is behind this comedy called Covid-19, it’s up to you to make your arrangements. Do no longer fall into the trap of lies spread by the decision-makers of this world, who are all followers of lucifer, whose mission is to destroy humanity. Be vigilant. Be enlightened. Flee 5G like the plague. Protect yourself from the waves, as they are extremely harmful to health. Avoid all microwave devices, and avoid the use Wi-Fi as much as possible. Wi-Fi gradually destroys your health.

You can fight Coronavirus, either preventively or curatively. The solutions exist. So if you already have it, do not panic. Coronavirus, like all the other flus, is treatable, and with great ease. Do not be distracted by the demons of the World Hexerei Organization (WHO), whose real mission is to keep the whole world sick. These hypocrites who give you the impression that they are working for your health, are working hard to make sure that you will never be healthy. Now you’re warned.

WHO psychopaths systematically fight any remedy that can really cure you, and ensure they make available to you only poisons that they call medicines or vaccines, whose purpose is to destroy your life. While many African doctors and researchers are curing their populations with effective and proven remedies that they have made, the WHO dementia experts tell you that there is currently no evidence of any remedy that can prevent or cure the Coronavirus. They are determined to impose on the world the dangerous new poison they are making. This poison is called Vaccine.

Several effective remedies for Coronavirus exist. You simply have to choose the one you prefer. If you prefer to be treated by modern medicine, there are several African doctors and researchers who are treating Coronavirus with great success. One of them, Doctor Valentin AGON, has developed a drug called Apivirin 500, which completely destroys the Coronavirus in 3 days. Do not be surprised if the idiots at the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency ban this drug, telling you that it has not been authorized or validated by the WHO.

Do no longer let those lunatics decide for you what is good or bad for you. Know that these criminals work for the interests of the pharmaceutical cartels, and not for you. Your life does not interest them. Please remember once and for all that you were not created by these mentally ill people. So neither of them has the right to decide whether you are going to live or die. Do not let them make you their creatures anymore, disposing of your lives as they see fit.

If you prefer natural medicine, you should first know that several African Naturopaths have developed various combinations of natural remedies against Coronavirus. Some of these combinations can be found in a document entitled “Natural Medicine Responds to Coronavirus”, which can be found on website, in Health Section.

You should also know that President Andry Rajoelina of the Big African Island called Madagascar, with the help of African Doctors and Researchers, headed by Dr Jerome Munyangi, has produced a very effective remedy against Coronavirus. This remedy in the form of herbal tea called Covid-Organics, which is produced from the Artemisia plant, works in just seven days. This remedy is so effective that to date there is no deaths from coronavirus in Madagascar. Go and ask the World Hexerei Organization (WHO) sorcerers what they think of this remedy, and you will understand the reason behind the different qualifiers that we have used to describe them.

Remember that Artemisia, which is currently used in Madagascar to prevent and cure Coronavirus, is the same product that the African Doctor-Researcher, Jérôme Munyangi, has used to prevent and cure Malaria. Dr Jerome Munyangi was almost assassinated by the mafia of pharmaceutical cartels, and the WHO he works for, is against this remedy. France and Belgium have banned this remedy. With this you easily understand the hypocrisy of these demons who claim to care about your health.

Let us also recall that in a Central African country called Cameroon, a country ruled for 40 years by scoundrels of the worst kind, a field of several hectares of Artemisia was destroyed a few months ago in the city of Bangangte, without any reason, by idiots who for a few banknotes are willing to sacrifice millions of lives. And as if that wasn’t enough, the owner of this field was arrested as a common criminal and held in police custody by that bunch of scum abusively called administrative authorities.

Finally, you should know that by adopting a good diet, you can cure yourself of Coronavirus and all other natural diseases. If you want to know more, you can read the article entitled “Sickness and Nutrition”, which you can found on website, in Health Section.

We also recommend reading the articles entitled “C Medicine: An Organized Genocide”“Vaccine: An Extremely Dangerous Poison”, and “The Truth about AIDS”. These articles are of great importance for understanding how the satanists of this world manipulate men through diseases and the so-called solutions they offer to treat these diseases. You will find these articles on website, in the Health section.

In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to the Researcher David Icke for the risk he took in exposing this satanic plan, and to the Journalist Brian Rose who put his TV channel at risk by doing this interview, despite the threats he had received. This interview has been banned by YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and the British telecommunications regulator Ofcom. If you are interested in other articles dealing with subjects that the lying media do not cover, feel free to visit David Icke’s site,, or Brian Rose’s site, (THE END)

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