This testimony is the 6th part in a series of ten. Please read the other 9 parts.

As we went deeper into the heart, I felt a horrible pain as some force rubbed my body. It seemed as though my very flesh was being ripped off me. I screamed out in terror. My captors dragged me to a cell and threw me inside. As they locked the door, I cried even louder. They laughed sarcastically and said, “It will do you no good to cry. When your time has come, you will be taken before our master. He will torment you for his pleasure.” The dreadful odour of the heart had saturated my body. “Why am I here? What is wrong? Am I crazy? Let me out! Let me out!” I cried to no avail. After a while, I began to feel the side of the cell I was in. It was round and soft like something alive. It was alive, and it began to move. “O Lord,” I screamed. “What is happening? Jesus, where are You?” But only the echo of my own voice came back in reply.

Fear, the most awesome fear, gripped my soul. For the first time since Jesus had left me, I began to realize that I was lost without any hope at all. I sobbed and called out to Jesus over and over again. Then I heard a voice in the darkness saying, “It will do you no good to call for Jesus. He is not here.” A dim light began to fill the place. For the first time, I could see other cells like mine, embedded in the wall of the heart. A web of some kind was in front of us, and inside each cell a kind of muddy, gooey substance was flowing through the cells. A woman’s voice from the next cell said to me, “You are lost in this place of torment. There is no way out of here.”

I could barely see her in the dimness of the light. She was awake, as I was, but the occupants of all the other cells seemed to be asleep or in a trance. “No hope,” she cried, “no hope!” A feeling of intense loneliness and utter despair fell upon me. The woman’s words did not help. She said, “This is the heart of Hell. Here we are tormented, but our torments are not as bad as those in other parts of Hell.” I found later she had lied about there not being as much torment here as there was elsewhere in Hell.

“Sometimes”, she continued, “We are brought before satan and he tortures us for his pleasure. Satan feeds on our pain and grows strong on our cries of despair and sorrow. Our sins are always before us. We know we are ungodly. We know also that we once knew the Lord Jesus but refused Him and turned away from God. We did as we pleased. Before I came here I was a prostitute. I took men and women for their money and called what we did ‘love.’ I destroyed many homes. Many lesbians, homosexuals and adulterers are in these cells.”

I cried out into the darkness, “I do not belong here. I am saved. I belong to God. Why am I here?” But there was no answer. Then the demons came back and opened my cell door. One pulled while the other pushed me along a rough pathway. The touch of the demons was like a burning flame against my flesh. They were hurting me. “O Jesus, where are You? Please help me, Jesus!” I cried. A roaring fire sprang up in front of me but stopped before it touched me. Now it seemed as though my flesh was being ripped off my body. The most excruciating pain I could imagine swept over me. I was hurting beyond belief. Something unseen was tearing at my body, while evil spirits in the form of bats were biting me all over. “Dear Lord Jesus”, I cried, “Where are You? Oh, please, let me out!”

I was pushed and pulled until I came to a wide open place in the heart of Hell, then I was thrown before a dirty type of altar. Upon the altar was a large, open book. I heard evil laughter and recognized I was lying in the dirt before satan. Satan said, “At last I have you!” I recoiled in horror but soon realized he was not looking at me but someone in front of me. Satan said, “Ha-ha, at last I am able to destroy you from the earth. Let me see what your punishment will be.” He opened the book and ran his finger down the pages. The name of the soul was called, and the punishment was meted out. “Dear Lord”, I cried, “Can all this be real?” I was next, and the demons pushed me up on a platform and forced me to bow before satan. The same evil laughter rang out from him. “I waited for you a long time, and at last I have you,” he cried with malicious delight. “You tried to escape me, but now I have you.” A fear like I had never felt before came on me. My flesh was again being torn from me, and a great chain was being wrapped around my body. I looked down at myself as the chain was placed on me. I looked like the others. I was a skeleton full of dead men’s bones. Worms crawled inside of me, and a fire began at my feet and enveloped me in flames. I cried again, “O Lord Jesus, what has happened? Where are You, Jesus?”

Satan laughed and laughed. “There is no Jesus here,” he said, “I am your king now. You will be with me here forever. You are mine now.” I was gripped by the most awful emotions. I could not feel God, nor love, nor peace, nor warmth. But I could feel with the keenest of senses, fear, hatred, excruciating pain and sorrow beyond measure. I called out to the Lord Jesus to save me, but there was no answer. Satan said, “I am your lord now,” and raised his arms to summon a demon to his side. At once, an ugly evil spirit came up on the platform where I was standing and grabbed me. He had a large body, with a face like a bat, claws for hands, and an evil odour exuded from him. “What shall I do with her, lord satan?” The evil spirit asked, as another demon with hair all over his body and a face like a wild boar also grabbed me. “Take her to the deepest part of the heart, a place where horrors are ever before her eyes. There she will learn to call me lord.”

I was dragged away to a dark, dark place and thrown into something cold and clammy. Oh, how could one feel both cold and burning at the same time? I did not know. But the fire burned my body, and the worms crawled over and through me. The moans of the dead filled the air. “O Lord Jesus,” I cried in desperation, “why am I here? Dear God, let me die.” All at once a light filled the place where I was sitting. Jesus appeared and took me into His arms, and instantly I was back in my home. “Dear Lord Jesus, where were You?” I cried, as the tears flowed down my cheeks.

Tenderly Jesus spoke and said, “My child, Hell is real. But you could never know for sure until you had experienced it for yourself. Now you know the truth and what it is really like to be lost in Hell. Now you can tell others about it. I had to let you go through that so you would know without a doubt.” I was so sad and so tired. I collapsed in the arms of Jesus. And even though He restored me whole, I wanted to go far, far away-from Jesus, from my family, from everyone. During the following days at home I was very sick. My soul was so sad, and the horrors of Hell were ever before my eyes. It was many days before I was fully recovered.

Chapter 11: Outer Darkness

Night after night Jesus and I went back into Hell so I could record these terrible truths. Each time we passed the heart, I walked very close to Jesus. An enormous fear gripped my soul each time I remembered what happened to me there. I knew I had to go on to save souls. But it was only through the mercies of God that I could go back. We stopped before a group of demons who were singing and chanting and praising satan. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Jesus said, “I will let you hear what they are saying.” “We will go to this house today and torment those that are there. We will get more power from lord satan if we do this right,” they said. “Oh, yes, we will cause a lot of pain and sickness there and much grief to them all.” They began to dance and sing evil songs of worship to satan, glorying in evil. A demon said, “We will have to watch very carefully for those who believe in Jesus, for they can cast us out.” “Yes,” said another, “at the name of Jesus we have to flee.” Then one last evil spirit said: “But we are not going to those who know Jesus and the power of His name.”

“My angels”, said Jesus, “Keep My people from these evil spirits, and their works do not prosper. I also protect many of the unsaved, even though they do not know it. I have many angels employed to stop satan’s wicked plans.” Jesus said, “There are many demons in the air and on the earth. I have allowed you to see some of these demons, but others cannot. That is why the truth of the Gospel must be preached to everyone. The truth will set men free, and I will protect them from evil. In My name there is deliverance and freedom. I have all power in Heaven and earth. Do not fear satan, but fear God.” As we walked on through Hell, Jesus and I came upon a very large and very dark man. He was enshrouded in darkness and had the appearance of an angel. He was holding something in his left hand. Jesus said, “This place is called outer darkness.”

I heard weeping and gnashing of teeth. Nowhere before had there been such utter hopelessness as I felt in this place. The angel that stood before us had no wings. He looked to be about thirty feet tall, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He had a large disk in his left hand and was turning slowly with this disk lifted up high as though he was getting ready to throw it. There was a fire in the middle of the disk, and blackness on the outer edge. The angel held his hand beneath the disk and reached far back in order to get more leverage. I wondered who this giant angel was and what he was about to do. Jesus knew my thoughts and said again, “This is outer darkness. Remember that My Word says, The children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Matthew 8:12.

“Lord”, I said, “You mean Your servants are here?” “Yes,” said Jesus, “Servants that turned back after I called them. Servants who loved the world more than Me and went back to wallowing in the mire of sin, servants that would not stand for the truth and for holiness. It is better that one never starts than to turn back after beginning to serve Me.” “Believe Me”, Jesus said, “If you sin, you have an advocate with the Father. If you repent of your sins, I will be faithful to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. But if you will not repent, I will come in a time you think not, and you will be cut off with the unbelievers and cast into outer darkness.”

I watched the dark angel as he cast the large disk far, far out into the darkness. “My Word means just what it says; they ‘shall be cast into outer darkness. And then, immediately, Jesus and I were in the air following this disk through space. We came to the outside of the disk and stood looking in. There was a fire in the centre of the disk, and people were swimming in and out, over and under the flaming waves. There were no demons or evil spirits here, only souls burning in a sea of fire. Outside the disk was the blackest of darkness. Only the light from the flames in the disk illuminated the night air. In that light I saw people trying to swim to the edges of the disk. Some of them would almost reach the sides when a suction force from inside the disk would drag them back into the flames. I watched as their forms turned to skeletons with misty-grey souls. I knew then that this was just another part of Hell.

And then I saw, as in a vision, angels opening seals. Nations and kingdoms appeared to be locked beneath them. As the angels broke the seals, men and women, boys and girls marched straight into the flames. I watched in ghastly fascination, wondering if I knew any of the fallen servants of the Lord who were marching past. I could not turn my head away from the sight of souls marching into the fire, and no one was trying to stop them. I cried, “Lord, please stop them before they reach the fire!” But Jesus said, “He who has ears should hear. He who has eyes should see. My child, cry out against sin and evil. Tell my servants to be faithful and to call upon the name of the Lord. I am taking you through this awful place so that you can tell them about Hell.” Jesus continued, “Some will not believe you. Some will say God is too good to send men and women to Hell. But tell them My Word is true. Tell them that the fearful and unbelieving will have their part in the lake of fire.”

Chapter 12: Horns

Jesus said, “Tonight, My child, we will go to different part of the heart of Hell. I want to tell you about the horns and show you how they will be used to funnel evil spirits and demon forces up to the surface of the earth.” As Jesus spoke, I began to witness an open vision. In the vision, I saw an old farmhouse, dead and gray-looking, surrounded with many dead trees and high, dead grass. The yard around the farmhouse was littered with dead things. There was no life there. The farmhouse looked as though it had settled at the corners and was sinking into the centre of the field. There were no other buildings in sight.

Death was everywhere. I knew this farmhouse was part of Hell, but I could not yet understand what I was seeing. Inside, behind the dingy windows, loomed large shadows in human shapes. There was something evil about their appearance. One of the shapes moved toward the front door and opened it. I watched as a huge man with extremely large muscles came out of the door and walked onto the porch. I saw him clearly. He was about six feet tall, with the bulky build of a weight lifter. His colour was the same dead grey as the surroundings. He wore only a pair of men’s pants. They were as grey and dead-looking as the bare skin of his upper body. His flesh was like scales, and his head was very big. In fact, his head was so large that his legs were bowed from carrying such a great load. His feet were hoofed like the feet of a pig. His face was stern and evil, and he looked to be very old. His eyes were dead, and his face was very broad.

In the vision, I saw this awful creature walk off the old porch. The earth shook as he moved, and horns were growing out of the top of his head-large horns that grew up, up and out of sight. As he walked, I saw that the horns were growing, ever so slowly. Other horns also began to grow from his head. Little horns sprang from the bigger ones. I saw that his head was like a beast-a powerful evil beast, full of destruction. Each step he took shook the earth. Jesus said, “Watch.” I saw the horns as they wound their way upward and ended in homes, churches, hospitals, offices and buildings of all kinds all over the earth. The horns did great damage throughout the land. I saw the beast speak and evil spirits were spit out on the earth. I saw many people seduced by these demonic forces and fall into satan’s snares.

We are in a war-good against evil, I thought. “We are in a war,” I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Good against evil.” Dark clouds came out of the horns and hid the many forms of evil that were going out upon the earth. All the abominations that God hates were there. I saw kingdoms arising out of the earth, and millions of people began to follow these evil forces. I saw the old horns removed and new ones grow in their places. I heard Jesus say, “This is beginning to happen now! These things are, and were, and will be. Men will become lovers of themselves instead of God. Evil will be rampant in the last days. Men and women will love their homes, cars, lands, buildings, businesses, their silver and their gold more than Me. Repent!” He said, “For I am a jealous God. Nothing can be placed before your worship of Me: not sons or daughters or wives or husbands. For God is a Spirit, and He must be worshiped in Spirit and truth.”

I watched as the horns moved over the face of the earth, rising high into the heavens. New kingdoms arose, and there was war and destruction throughout the land. They that worshiped the beast were many. The evil beast with the horns walked back and forth as if thinking, and the earth shook under his weight. After some minutes he returned to the farmhouse. Dark clouds arose, and many were dead in the land. I saw the world in the midst of a great tribulation, and I began praying with all my heart. “O Lord, help us,” I cried out. Then two large beasts in spirit forms rose out of the earth and began to make war with each other. I knew they came from Hell. A sea of people stood watching the fight between these two evils. And then I saw something rise from the ground between them. They stopped fighting and stood on each side of a big ship. Both beasts tried to destroy the ship, but they could not. They pushed it back beneath the earth, and buried it between the two of them. They stood face to face again, ready to resume their warfare. I heard a voice say, “Watch.”

As I watched, a light appeared on the ground where the ship was buried. The ship then reappeared on the surface of the ground and became a large disk. The two beasts began to take on other forms and became large and black. A door in front of the disk opened, and a strong beam of light revealed a flight of stairs. The stairs went down, down into the earth, and I heard a voice say, “Into Hell!” There was a strong sense of evil in the air, and I felt lost and undone as I watched. A paralyzing force came out of the disk, and I had nowhere to run. I felt trapped, even though I was in the Spirit. Almost at once, Jesus lifted me up higher and higher until I was looking down on the vision. But now the stairs had become an escalator, which was moving up and down from the heart of the earth. When I was beside Jesus, I felt safe and protected. “It shall come out of Hell,” I heard a voice say. Jesus said, “This shall be. This is yet to come. Write for all to know.” (NEXT PART 7)


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