This testimony is the 7th part in a series of ten. Please read the other 9 parts.

In my vision the escalator was bringing up demon forces and evil spirits. The two beasts stood, one on each side of the ship, and I saw them begin to change again. I heard the sound of a great roar-the sound of motors running at a high rate of speed. The beasts’ heads got large, and a light began to fill their hands. I saw the two beasts and the ship as the three of them were joined together. Many souls, as if walking in their sleep, marched into one of the beasts. For hours I watched this gruesome sight, until at last, one of the beasts was packed with people. As I listened, from the first beast came a great roar as if a plane was getting ready for take-off. The beast had gotten his power from the ship.

As he began to fly, he was again in the form of a man. As he flew, his head seemed to be full of lights and great powers emanated from him. As he disappeared into the heavens, his head became the ship again. I could still hear the sound of the first beast as I watched the second beast fill up with souls. When he was full, I saw the second beast begin to go straight up like a rocket. He joined the other beast, and they both moved slowly away into the grey sky. The second beast had also taken on the form of a man. I heard their loud roar as they went out of sight. I wondered what this meant. I saw the ship, or disk, settle itself back into the earth. The earth closed up over it until it was again out of sight. As the vision began to fade, I saw a large courtroom, and I thought of the great white throne judgment.

Chapter 13: The Right Arm of Hell

After the first vision, Jesus and I went to a different part of Hell. Jesus said, “These things you are seeing are for the end times.” Another vision appeared before me. Jesus said, “We are in the right arm of Hell.” We walked up a high, dry hill. At the top of the hill, I looked below and saw a swirling river. There were no pits of fire or demons or evil spirits, only the large river flowing between unseen banks. The banks of the river were hidden in the darkness. Jesus and I walked closer to the river, and I saw that it was full of blood and fire.

As I looked closer, I saw many souls, each chained to another. The weight of the chains dragged them under the surface of the lake of fire. The souls in Hell were in the fire of Hell. I saw also that they were in the form of skeletons with misty grey souls. “What is this?” I asked the Lord. “These are the souls of the unbelievers and the ungodly. These were lovers of their own flesh more than lovers of God. They were men loving men, and women loving women, who would not repent and be saved from their sin. They enjoyed their life of sin and rejected My salvation.”

I stood beside Jesus and looked into the lake of fire. The fire began to roar like a great furnace, moving and devouring everything in its path. Soon it filled nearly the entire right arm of Hell. The fire approached to within feet of us, but it did not touch us. The river was burning everything in its path. I watched Jesus’ face, and it was sad and tender. He still had love and compassion for these lost souls written on His countenance. I began to cry and wished I could leave this place of torment, to go on was almost unbearable. I looked again at the souls in the fire. They were a fiery red, and their bones were blackened and burned. I heard them cry out in regret and sorrow. The Lord said, “This is their torment. Chain after chain, they are linked together. These desired the flesh of their own kind, men with men, and women with women, doing that which is unnatural. They led many young girls and young boys into acts of sin. They called it love, but in the end it was sin and death.

I know that many boys and girls, men and women were forced against their wills to commit such atrocious acts-I know and will not hold this sin to their charge. Remember this though, said Jesus, “I know all things, and the persons who made these youths to sin have the greater punishment. I will judge righteously. ‘To the sinner, I say, ‘Repent and I will have mercy. Call on Me and I will hear. Time after time I called to these souls to repent and to come unto Me. I would have forgiven them and cleansed them; and in My name they could have been set free. But they would not listen to Me. They wanted the lust of the flesh more than the love of the living God. Because I am holy, you must be holy. ‘Touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you,” said the Lord. I felt very sick as I looked at the souls in the lake of fire. “If only they had turned to Me before it was too late”, Jesus continued. “My blood was shed so that everyone could come to Me. I gave My life that even the vilest of sinners might live.”

Multitudes of souls went by in the river of flames. Over and under the waves of fire, they went with no way out of the burning and swimming in the lake of fire. I heard cries of regret as the bloody river flowed by us. We walked up a trail beside the river. In front of us, sitting on a hill, was a large woman. She swayed back and forth as though she was drunk. Written on her were the words “Mystery Babylon.” I now knew the mother of abominations on the earth came from Hell. An evil, powerful force emanated from her. I saw multitudes, peoples and tongues beneath her. She had seven heads and ten horns. In her was found the blood of the prophets, the saints and all that were slain upon the earth. “Come out from her and be separate”, said the Lord. “In her time she shall be destroyed.”

We walked on past the evil woman with the horns on her head. Everything began to get dark. Now Jesus was the only light. We walked until we came to another hillside. In the distance I could see hot flames in the air. The atmosphere became oppressively hot. We went around the hill and came to a large door with slots cut in it. It was set into the side of the hill. A large chain was on the door, and flames raged from it. The door was also bolted with large locks. I wondered what it all meant. All at once, the dark figure of a man, attired in a long, dark cape, appeared in front of the door. His face looked to be very old and very tired. The skin of his face was pulled tightly against the bones of his skull. He looked to be a thousand years old. Jesus said to me, “Behind that doorway is the bottomless pit. My Word is true.”

The flames behind the door reached higher until the door bulged from the pressure of the heat. “Dear Lord”, I said, “I’ll be glad when satan is cast into the bottomless pit and all these evil things stop for a season.” He replied: “Come, hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. The end is near, and I am calling sinners to repent and be saved. Look now.” We were standing in a clearing, and I was with the Lord in the Spirit. I looked and beheld an open vision. In the vision I saw a fiery serpent begin to strike the air with his enormous tail. I watched as this spiritual serpent moved with awesome power. Then I saw him go back into the right arm of Hell and wait. I knew that He could not strike the earth until God’s Word would be fulfilled.

I saw fire and smoke ascend out of the earth, and I saw a strange mist as it formed over the earth. I saw patches of darkness appear here and there. Horns began to grow on the head of the fiery serpent. They spread out until they covered the whole earth. Satan gave orders to the fiery serpent. There were evil spirits and devils present. Then I saw the evil, fiery serpent come out of the right arm of Hell and begin to strike the earth with great force, hurting and destroying many people. Jesus said, “This will happen in the end times. Come up higher.” Reader, if you are committing any of the sins I have written about, please stop sinning and call upon Jesus to save you. You do not have to go to Hell. Call upon the Lord while He is near. He will hear you and save you. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Chapter 14: The Left Arm of Hell

A Prophecy from Jesus to All: Jesus said, “These things are now beginning in the earth, are yet to be, and are soon coming upon all the earth. The fiery serpent is part of the beast. These prophecies you are about to read are true. The revelations are true. Watch and pray. Love one another. Keep yourselves holy. Keep your hands clean.” “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church. Husbands and wives, love each other as I have loved you. I ordained marriage and blessed it with My Word. Keep the marriage bed holy. Cleanse yourself from all unrighteousness and be pure, even as I am pure.” “The holy people of God have been led away by flatterers. Do not be deceived; God is not mocked. Understanding will come to you if you will open your ears and listen to Me. This is the Lord’s message to the churches. Beware of false prophets who stand in My holy place and deceive with flatteries.

O earth, My holy people have fallen asleep to the sound of false doctrine. Awake, Awake! I tell you that all unrighteousness is sin. Cleanse yourself from all sins of the flesh and the spirit.” “My holy prophets lived holy lives, but you have rebelled against Me and My holiness. You have brought evil upon yourself. You have sinned and brought yourself into bondage to sickness and death. You have committed iniquity and have done wickedly and have rebelled against Me. You have departed from My precepts and from My judgments. You have not hearkened to the words of My servants, the prophet and the prophetess. Curses instead of blessings have come upon you, and still you refuse to return to me and repent of your sins.” “If you will return and repent and if you will honor Me with the fruit of righteousness, I will bless your homes and honor your marriage beds. If you will humble yourselves and call upon Me, I will hear you and bless you.

“Listen, you ministers of My Holy Word. Do not teach My people to sin against their God. Remember that judgment begins at the house of God; unless you repent, I will remove you for the sins you have taught My people. Do you think that I am blind that I cannot see and deaf that I cannot hear? “You who hold the truth in unrighteousness and line your pockets with silver and gold at the expense of the poor-repent, I say, before it is too late. On the Day of Judgment you will stand alone before Me to give an account of what you did with My Holy Word. If you call upon Me in repentance, I will remove the curse from your lands and bless you with a mighty blessing. If you will repent and be ashamed of your sins, I will have mercy and compassion on you, and I will not remember your sins anymore. Pray that you may be an overcomer.” “Awake to life and live. Repent to the people you have led astray and taught false doctrine. Tell them you have sinned and that you have scattered My sheep. Repent to them.”

“Behold, I am preparing a holy army. They will do mighty exploits for me and destroy your high places. They are an army of holy men and women, boys and girls. They have been anointed to preach the true Gospel, to lay hands on the sick and to call the sinner to repentance. This is an army of working men, housewives, single men, single women and school children. They are common people, for not many noble have responded to My call. In the past they have been misunderstood and mistreated, abused and rejected. But I have blessed them with boldness in holiness and in spirit. They will begin to fulfil My prophecy, and to do My will. I will walk in them, talk in them and work in them.” “These are they who have turned to me with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. This army will awaken many to righteousness and purity of spirit. I will soon begin to move upon them, to choose for My army those I desire.

I will search for them in the cities and in the towns. Many will be surprised at those I have chosen. You will see them begin to move across the land and do exploits for My name’s sake. Watch and see My power at work. “Again I tell you, do not defile the marriage bed. Do not defile the body in which the Holy Ghost dwells. Sins of the body lead to sins of the spirit. Keep the marriage bed holy. I made man for woman and woman for man and decreed that the two should be united in holy matrimony. Again, I say awake.”

I saw many other visions in the left arm of Hell. I was instructed by the Lord that I must not reveal them now. Many of them were visions of the world in the end-times, when many of the people of God will fall away and be lost. In the visions, I was given revelations about the body of Christ, the ministry of the sons of God, the children of the beast and the ultimate return of Christ. “Later, you may reveal them,” He said, “But not now.”

“This army which was spoken of by the prophet Joel, will arise from the land and do great works for God. The Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings. He shall tread down the wicked, and they shall be ashes under the soles of His feet. They shall be called the army of the Lord. I will give gifts unto them, and they will accomplish My mighty works. They shall do exploits for the Lord of glory. I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy. This army shall fight against the forces of evil and shall destroy much of satan’s work. They shall win many to Jesus Christ before the day the evil beast arises,” said the Lord. Jesus said, “Come, it is time to go now.” At last we were leaving the visions and the left arm of Hell. I was very glad. As we departed, Jesus said, “Tell your families I love them and correct them in love. Tell them that I will keep them from evil if they will put their trust in Me.”

Chapter 15: The Days of Joel

I heard a voice say, “Write, for these things are faithful and true.” Again, I was with the Lord in the Spirit. He was high and lifted up, and His voice was like thunder. “Behold, O earth, these things are, were and are to come. I am the First and the Last. Serve Me, the Creator, for I give life, not death. Arise from your evil and call upon Me, and I will heal and deliver you. The things you read in this book are true, and they will soon come to pass.” “Repent, for the time is at hand, and the Lord of glory will soon appear. Be ready, for you do not know the day nor the hour. Great shall be the reward of those who await My coming. I will bless My little ones, those that have kept the faith and have served Me in truth and righteousness. Before they know it, it will be upon them. I have prepared a blessing for those who have been faithful to their calling and those that have not denied My name.” I say, “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, I will forgive them and heal them and restore their losses. I desire to hear, to deliver, and to save all who believe and call upon My name.”

“Sanctify a fast. Call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the lands into My house, and cry unto Me. Alas, for the day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night-the day is at hand. Trust Me, and I will restore unto you the years the locusts, the canker worm, the caterpillar and the palmer worm have eaten. My great army which I have called will not break their ranks nor their stride. They will do marvelous exploits, and they shall not be conquered, for I am their strength. Their voices will sound like the trumpet, like the thunders will they sound, and all will hear and know that I am the Lord your God.”

Dear Lord Jesus, it is my prayer that I be counted worthy to be in this army. I want to be in this army, but I know I must be pure and holy as Jesus is pure and holy. By the blood Jesus shed, cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Help me to keep a repentant heart, free of all hatred and bitterness. Father, I know that many of Your people are asleep. I fear You will have to break our vessels of clay and humble us if there are to be fruits of righteousness. Lord, I do not want to go to Hell again and have to stay there. O Lord, help me to warn the people. Give me power to stop Hell from enlarging itself. Help me and Your people to be good, kindhearted, forgiving and loving to one another. Help us to speak the truth at all times. I know that Jesus Christ is returning soon, and His rewards are with Him. I know that my message to the world is “Repent, for the day of the Lord is at hand.” Father, I do not want the blood of this people on my hands.

Chapter 16: The Centre of Hell

Again the Lord and I went into Hell. Jesus said to me, “My child, for this purpose you were born, to write and tell what I have told you and shown you. For these things are faithful and true. I have called you forth to tell the world through you that there is a Hell, but I have made a way of escape. I will not show you all parts of Hell. And there are hidden things which I cannot reveal to you. But I will show you much. Now come and see the powers of darkness and their end.”

We went again to the belly of Hell and began to walk toward a small opening. I turned to look where we were entering and found that we were on a ledge beside a cell in the center of Hell. We stopped in front of a cell in which was a beautiful woman. Over the top of the cell were the letters “Before Christ.” I heard the woman say, “Lord, I knew you would come someday. Please let me out of this place of torment.” She was dressed in the clothes of an ancient era, and she was very beautiful. I knew that she had been here for many centuries but could not die. Her soul was in torment. She began to pull at the bars and cry.

Softly Jesus said, “Peace, be still.” He spoke to her with sadness in His voice. “Woman, you know why you are here.” “Yes”, she said, “But I can change. I remember, when You let all those others out of paradise. I remember Your words of salvation. I will be good now,” she cried, “and I will serve You.” She clenched the bars of the cell in her tiny fists and began to scream, “Let me out! Let me out!” At that, she began to change before our eyes. Her clothing began to burn. Her flesh fell off, and all that remained was a black skeleton with burned-out holes for eyes and a hollow shell of a soul. I watched in horror as the old woman fell to the floor. All her beauty had departed in a moment. It staggered my imagination to think that she had been here since before Christ was born. Jesus said to her, “You knew on earth what your end would be. Moses gave you the law, and you heard it. But instead of obeying My law, you chose to be an instrument in the hands of satan, a soothsayer and witch. You even taught the art of witchcraft. You loved darkness rather than light, and your deeds were evil. If you had repented with your heart, My Father would have forgiven you. But now, it is too late.” (NEXT PART 8)

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