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We’re Timeless Art and we offer custom, realistic oil paintings (painted by artists we’ve worked with for years now), at amazing prices. Andrew Barnard, established the business about 10 years ago and has now left it to Kyra Barnard, his daughter, and Timothy Waite, her partner.

How the process works; a customer places an order on our website with specifications and a photo of what they want as well as who has referred them to our website.

Pricing of the customer’s custom painting, depends on the specifications they require. After we’ve received their specifications, the customer will receive a quote.

If the customer is happy with the quote, they pay a 40% advanced fee (this applies to any sale) and after 2 weeks, we send the customer a high resolution photo of their painting. If they’re satisfied, the remainder of the sale fee must be paid and their piece will be delivered straight to their door. Throughout those 2 weeks the customer may ask for photos of the different stages to see if they’re happy with the process and if they’d like to make any alterations.

We’re trying to promote and expand our business and by doing so we’re hitting our target markets and this is why we’ve come to you! We’re wondering if you’d be willing to promote our business by making our service an option to couples marrying or individuals you take photos who’d like to have their pictures custom painted for them. We have a categories- proven to be successful in the past -website:

If interested, we’re happy to further discuss your commission fee.

Call or WhatsApp me on 071 594 8902.

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