Teen drowns her kittens live on Snapchat

Teen drowns her kittens live on Snapchat

The facts took place a few days ago in Australia.

A teenage girl filmed herself drowning her kittens live on the Snapchat.

The video was quickly relayed on Facebook, arousing outrage of Internet users.

“This girl is drowning kittens, filming herself and sending it to people,” wrote one Internet user.

“I received a video and took a capture of this girl drowning kittens. What kind of people do that… if you don’t want them, give them to the SPA or to a friend. Adds another.

The young girl had signaled to her relatives that she was going to kill her kittens because she did not have enough room at home. His friends begged him to give them away.

But she told them they couldn’t live 6 weeks without their mom.

After drowning them, she said: “Yes, I killed them, why? Who cares? “

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