Dear brothers and dear friends, we find it important to provide you with the transcription of a short video by Frédéric CHAUMONT, which warns the whole world against the Covid-19 vaccine, which is nothing but extermination of the human race by the demons who control the world. This warning is clear enough and documented enough to convince the most skeptical. You will find the video itself either on Frédéric’s website or on the website. For your own sake and that of your family, take this message seriously, and share it as much as possible. The whole world must be alerted while there is still time.

The world is coming to an end and the mark of the beast announced in the Bible a few thousand years ago is on the verge of being effective, with the arrival of the reign of the antichrist. For more information, please read the Teaching titled “The Mark of the Beast”, which can be found on the website under the Rapture menu. Enjoy your reading!

Warning Vaccine – The Whole Truth

Frédéric Chaumont for the site Good morning all. Here is the truth about the vaccine that the New World Order wants to impose on us all. Before going any further, a warning on this video seems necessary. Everything you will see and hear in this video has been the subject of very extensive research thanks to the assistance of Professor Jean-Bernard FOURTILLAN, Doctor Christian Tal SCHALLER and Doctor Serge RADER. Everything you will hear is fully verifiable on the links below this video and also on the site

Take a look at this patent for example, W02020/060606, the applicant of which is none other than the Microsoft company created among others by Bill Gates. This document was made on the 26th March 2020. This patent covers a very large number of countries. In fact almost the entire planet. Let’s take a closer look at this diagram: Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data. What is that?

The little guy here is you, is me, the first to come.

The Sensor frame corresponds to the nanoparticles that will be added to the vaccine vial. It’s a bit like a microchip implanted under your cat or dog’s skin. The difference is you’re going to find thousands, millions of them in just one bags and dose. Once injected together with the vaccine you will keep them until death and even after. Impossible to get rid of it, you’re marked for life.

What is the User Device frame? It’s your cell phone. It will be able to communicate with the nanoparticles that will circulate in your veins. Of course, your mobile phone is connected to the Internet with…with what? With the new 5G networks of course. From then on you can be spotted and located by the authorities at any time of the day or night.

Now that’s annoying. You want to throw your cell phone to a river? You want to detonate it in a microwave oven? But beware, if you come across someone who has a cell phone you are spotted again. And yes, all the cell phones around you spot you. To no longer be spotted, you would have to go to the middle of the ocean, to the middle of the desert or to a forest as long as you don’t see anyone with a cell phone. What happens if everyone throws away his cell phone? Yes, do not forget that 5G relays can easily be found in electricity meters, in urban furniture structures, in radars, red lights, etc. Therefore, to no longer be spotted, it will be necessary to change planets.

Now let’s simplify our diagram.

The vaccine and the nanoparticles are mixed in a syringe. The vaccine and the nanoparticles are therefore injected simultaneously into your body. From that moment on, your mobile phone will locate you immediately. And by the magic of 5G networks your location is no longer a secret to the authorities.

What’s on the menu for this vaccine? Here’s a summary of the calamities of the vaccine they want to inject into your body:

– 4 fragments of HIV1, the AIDS virus, which give vaccinated people AIDS syndrome and the resulting Immunodeficiency;

– DNA sequences from the germ of malaria which give malaria to vaccinated people;

– 157 additional DNA and protein sequences, the presence and role of which are unexplained;

– Nanoparticles that will allow definitive control of people vaccinated thanks to 5G.

ChAdOx1 n-Cov-19 vaccine that they want to inject into your body contains:

– ChAdOx1 n-Cov-19: Covid-19 coronavirus carried by the ChAdOx1 adenovirus vector;

– Nanoparticles: describe in Microsoft patent which will allow controlling you thanks to 5G;

– Preservative disinfectants: either Thimerosal or Formaldehyde and antibiotics.

Covid-19 is an artificial coronavirus made in France by the Institut Pasteur from natural Sars-CoV, coronavirus. Covid-19 is the result of several genetic manipulations of a strain of coronavirus Sars-CoV associated with severe acute respiratory syndrome SRAS resulting from a sample, collected from bronchoalveolar washings of Sars infected patients by scientists of the Institut Pasteur, before 2003, at the French hospital in Hanoi (Vietnam).

Fisrt step: Sars-CoV1 was produced by first patent filed in 2003, European patents and US patents from Sars-CoV collected in Hanoi before 2003.

Second step: Sars-CoV2 was a continuation of the first US patent protected by the second US patent filed in 2011 from Sars-CoV1.

Third step: Covid-19 was produced from Sars-CoV2 by inserting into its genome four sequences of HIV1, AIDS virus, which is an RNA virus. The father of Covid-19 is Doctor Fréderic Tangy, Director of Vaccine Innovation at the Institut Pasteur.

Actually, Covid-19 was made in France by French scientists at the Institut Pasteur from natural Sars-CoV, coronavirus, then transferred to Wuhan where French people of the Institut Pasteur released it deliberately, unbeknownst to scientists in the Wuhan laboratory and the Chinese government. When she says Covid-19 is not a Chinese virus, CHINA DOES NOT LIE.

The vaccine, once injected will not have an immediate effect. It is only later that you will die of malaria, AIDS, or any other disease against which your immune system can no longer do anything. Finally, by the forced creation of an immunodeficiency this vaccine will take away all means of curing any disease, the perfect crime against humanity.

You can therefore see the degree of perversity of this vaccine weapon. We invite anyone who considers the information in this video to be fake news to check their accuracy on the links provided under this video

So ends this video sequence which I suggest you download and share widely. Thank you for your attention. I wish you all good luck.

The Promoters of this satanic vaccine are Bill Gates and his allies:

Bill Gates, Emmanuel Macron, Jacques Attali, Agnès Buzyn, Yves Lévy, Olivier Véran, Jérôme Salomon, Dominique Martin, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Anthony Fauci, Frédéric Tangy, Adrian Hill.

That’s it! The people know what awaits them! All they have to do now is to act accordingly…

Professeur Jean-Bernard FOURTILLAN

Docteur Serge RADER

Docteur Christian Tal SCHALLER


Dear brothers and dear friends, you should know that there has never been a good vaccine, as you can read in the article entitled “Vaccine: An Extremely Dangerous Poison”, which you can find on the website, in the Health Section. But, unlike other vaccines that were intended for the genocide of only a few groups of people, this vaccine against Covid-19 is unique in that it aims to destroy all of humanity. Save yourself from this perverse generation. Times are over. We are living what the Bible calls the End Times. Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes. . For those who didn’t believe the Bible, now is the time to pay attention. We advise you, even out of curiosity, to read what the Bible foretold thousands of years ago, in relation to the end of time. Read Matthew 24, Luke 17, and go through the book of Revelation.


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