22-year-old student hit for wearing a skirt would have made it all up

22-year-old student hit for wearing a skirt would have made it all up

On September 18, Elisabeth, a 22-year-old student, was returning from a walk in Strasbourg when, arriving at the Malraux media library, she was bothered by three young men.

One of them had insulted her because she was wearing a skirt. As she replied, two of them had grabbed him by one arm and the third had punched her hard in the face.

According to her, about fifteen witnesses had witnessed the scene, without moving.

This case had caused a huge buzz and had even led the Minister of Citizenship to go three days later on the scene.

Except that the police peeled the 26 video surveillance cameras installed in the area on the time slot (1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) mentioned by Elisabeth.

Neither the student, nor the three attackers, nor the fifteen witnesses appear on the images. And no trace of any aggression.

In addition, the young woman’s phone was limited to near her home at the time of the facts. However, in her statement, Elisabeth claims that she was watching videos on TikTok on her smartphone during the attack.

Faced with certain questions, the young woman would also have been evasive.

Elisabeth is part of the Stras Défense group, a collective of 1,600 members which organizes night patrols in Strasbourg, with the aim of combating street harassment and assaults.

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