The rapist of an 84-year-old lady wanted by Europol

The rapist of an 84-year-old lady wanted by Europol

Fran├žois di Pasquali, now 48, is wanted by Europol for the rape of an octogenarian committed 11 years ago.

The facts took place in 2009 in Saint-Etienne, France

That day, an 84-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease could not find her way home.

Fran├žois di Pasquali had then accompanied her home by car. After she offered him a glass of water, he raped her in the house, before running away.

In 2012, the 40-year-old man was arrested after seeing an attempt to run over her partner in a car.

Her DNA had been taken and had matched the traces of semen found in the old lady’s bathroom.

Placed in pre-trial detention, he was released under judicial supervision in 2013 and did not appear for trial in 2016 where he was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison.

Since no sign of him

The national fugitive search brigade has been seized for several months. Investigators believe that the man, married with two children, may have rebuilt his life under a different identity.

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