Did Jonathann Daval rape Alexia after her death?

Did Jonathann Daval rape Alexia after her death?

Jonathann Daval has been on trial since Monday before the Court of Assisi in Vesoul, France for the murder of his wife Alexia Daval.

From the start of the proceedings, the lawyer for Alexia’s family attacked the accused head-on, citing a possible rape of the victim after her death.

“Semen was found in her vagina, on her panties and on Jonathann’s sperm shorts. What do you think of that? What conclusions do you draw from it? »Launched Me Gilles-Jean Portejoie to the investigation director.

The investigation had concluded that it was a consensual intercourse of the couple dating back to three days before the tragedy.

At the bar, police recalled that no sign of sexual violence was found on the body.

“I’ll tell you what I think. There was a sexual relationship after Alexia’s death, ”added Me Portejoie.

“There have been three years of investigation, no one has ever asked the investigating judge to investigate ante or post-mortem rape. We can deceive whoever we want, but that seems totally inappropriate to me ”protested the lawyer of Jonathann Daval.

“It is absolutely incredible, it is based on nothing and it is simply not serious” concluded his colleague Me Esteve.

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