Lorenzo, 19, paraplegic after being beaten: suspects released

Lorenzo, 19, paraplegic after being beaten: suspects released

The facts took place on the night of August 24 in Lattes, in the Hérault, France.

Lorenzo, 19, was leaving a party with his friends when they were attacked by several individuals in the parking lot. The young man was pushed into a ditch and two of the attackers beat him. They kicked him while he was lying on the ground. A real relentlessness. A young woman, witness of the scene, rushed to the bedside of the victim and took charge, while waiting for help. He was taken to hospital where he remained in a coma for 16 days.
Lorenzo has since been paraplegic up to his chest, his arms and hands no longer functioning normally. 4 of his cervicals were fractured and the marrow was affected.

His lungs are not functioning, he is breathing through a tracheostomy. He can no longer carry out his basic needs alone.

We learned that the three suspects arrested in this case were released and placed under judicial supervision pending trial.

This news outraged the victim’s mother who had to stop her job to take care of her son full time.

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