Raiden, 4, lost both parents of Covid-19

Raiden, 4, lost both parents of Covid-19

Raiden Gonzalez, 4, has lost both of his parents, both of whom died of Covid-19 in Texas, United States.

It all started when a colleague of Raiden’s father, Adan Gonzalez, a truck driver, tested positive for coronavirus.

A few days later, Adan was hospitalized after also testing positive on June 3. He died on June 26 at the age of 33.

Raiden’s mother, Mariah, 29, died suddenly on October 5, just hours after she began to feel ill. Analyzes revealed that she had contracted the coronavirus.

Despite these two tragedies, the child’s grandmother wishes to celebrate the birthday of the boy who will be 5 years old on November 28.

Together with Raiden’s great aunt, she threw a big celebration in the car. The dinosaur-themed parade will bring together local firefighters, a man dressed as Batman, a monster truck club and vintage cars.

“We just want Raiden to know that we will be there for all of his birthdays, and we will make sure he is celebrated every year,” the grandmother said.

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