After drinking 15 beers, a mother of 7 dies hit by a train

After drinking 15 beers, a mother of 7 dies hit by a train

The conclusions of the investigation into the death of Sammi-Jo Edwards, 41, were revealed on Wednesday.

This mother of 7 children had lost her job as a cleaner during the first lockdown. Very quickly, she became an alcoholic.

On the day of her death in June, she started drinking in the morning and drank 15 cans of beer during the day.

In the evening, she left the family home in Wellington, UK, taking £ 20 and a key with her.

It was just two days after her son’s fifth birthday.

One of her daughters, worried that she would not come home, called her. The 40-year-old woman answered the phone that she was on a railway bridge.

Members of her family rushed to the scene but it was already too late. The mother of the family had already been hit by a train.

Her husband explains that she did not leave a word and that he does not believe that she committed suicide. Indeed, the experts concluded that she had been struck by a train but her intention to commit suicide has not been established.

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