Math teacher suspected of killing and eating 44-year-old man

Math teacher suspected of killing and eating 44-year-old man

Stefan T. (photo left), a 44-year-old construction worker, went missing in Germany in early September after leaving his apartment. A call for witnesses had been launched. In vain.

His human remains were found on November 8 in a park in Pankow, north-east of Berlin.

According to the analyzes carried out on the bones found without any flesh, everything suggests that he was the victim of cannibalism.

A 41-year-old man suspect (pictured right) was arrested on Friday. This math and physical science professor had researched cannibalism online.

Investigators seized messages on an internet forum proving that the two men had set a date.

The teacher was charged with “aggravating sexual homicide” and then remanded in custody.

It is reminiscent of 2 terrifying cases in Germany. Detlev Günzel, a former police commissioner, had killed and skinned a man he met on a website of cannibalism fetishists. And Armin Meiwes, nicknamed “the cannibal of Rotenburg”, sentenced to life in 2006 for having killed and eaten a man met on the web, after having had sex with him and having castrated him.

In both cases, the victim consented.

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