Missing 26-year-old Instagrammer’s naked body found in bush

Missing 26-year-old Instagrammer’s naked body found in bush

The macabre discovery was made on last saturday morning in Houston, Texas.

Around 8:00 a.m., a municipal public works employee was working near a highway when he saw feet sticking out of a bush.

He approached and discovered with dismay the naked corpse of a young woman.

The emergency services went to the place where they could only note the death of the victim. No injuries were found on the body.

The young woman has been identified. It is Alexis Sharkey, 26 years old. This instagramer, who had more than 21,000 subscribers, had been missing since Friday.

Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Houston in January 2020. A few hours before her disappearance,

After an argument with her husband Tom Sharkey, Alexis left the home with her car and never returned.

Her relatives tried to reach her on her cell phone but systematically fell on the voicemail. On social networks, Internet users accuse the husband. But he denied being responsible for the death of her wife.

An autopsy will be performed to find out the causes of death.

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