Professional English-Zulu Translator/Interpreter

Professional Interpreter & Translator for English and Zulu from Durban.
Totally Fluent in both Written and Spoken English and Zulu.

Did you know that The Majority of South Africans Can’t Speak English? Here’s another shocker. Most individuals within the minority can’t Speak Zulu either.

When these two meet in a work situation, the end result is Confusion, Misunderstanding, embarrassment at not being able to effectively communicate in the other party’s language.

Let’s get one thing clear. Learning another language as an adult is plain Hard work. The reality is most people just don’t have the time.

That’s where I come in. I clear the confusion. I bridge the Language gap. I make it possible for each party to understand each other.

I’ve done written translations for individuals (small business owners) in Durban. I’ve also done interpretations for big companies in and around Durban.

I charge based on results. Yes, I work on an hour to hour basis (for spoken interpretations). For Written translations, I work on a deadline. However, Client satisfaction comes first.

For any questions related to this Ad, kindly forward them to:

A faster way of getting ahold of me is by leaving me a message on WhatsApp. Questions, Client requirements, expectations, and so on.

The number to call or WhatsApp is 067 1098 239

Phone Number, Suburb, City : call_and_whatsapp : +27 67 109 8239, Durban

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