Cyclist Knees 5-Year-Old Girl

The scene occurred on Christmas Day in Jalhay, near Verviers, Belgium.

A 5-year-old girl was walking with her family when a cyclist appeared behind them. When he passed them, he hit the child with a knee and continued on his way as the little one fell to the ground.

The attacker released this sentence “I honked, you just had to move!”.

A call for witnesses has been launched to find him. The cyclist, 61, surrendered to the police station on his own on Sunday.

Faced with the police, this father and grandfather of several grandchildren expressed no remorse. He said he did not realize he had hit the girl.

A version that the prosecution does not believe, after listening to the father’s testimony and analyzing the video, he believes that it is assault and battery. The man faces up to a year in prison.


Ricky Angema Editor-in-chief Classified Posts

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