He hits his pregnant wife to have an abortion: she has a miscarriage

A man appeared Thursday, December 21, before the Nanterre Criminal Court in France for acts of domestic violence.

The facts took place on November 1. That day, the young woman announced to her husband that she was pregnant. Mad with rage, the man forcibly took her companion to the hospital to have an abortion.

During the drive, the defendant opened the glove box and showed her a box of firearm cartridges, as a threat.

In the gynecologist’s office, the man said he was coming for an abortion. Except that the victim nodded her disagreement.

The tone quickly rose, the husband gave her a violent slap and slapped her against the wall. The gynecologist will put an end to the assault by firing the man from the hospital.

On November 24, the assailant broke into the victim’s home, forcing the front door. He hit her and threatened her with death with a cutter. Afterwards she received threats from relatives of her husband.

“They threaten me on the phone, threaten my son and my sister so that I withdraw my complaint” explained the young woman at the bar of the Tribunal, showing men seated in the room as spectators.

In mid-December, the young woman, already the mother of a 12-year-old child, suffered a miscarriage probably caused by the violence of her companion.

The defendant was sentenced to 15 months in prison, including 5 months closed.


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