Thomas, 27, dies shot dead at Peaky Blinders party

Thomas, 27, dies shot dead at Peaky Blinders party

Several former high school friends, in their twenties, gathered for New Year’s Eve in a house in Monbazillac, in the Dordogne, France for a disguised party.

The theme was: the Peaky Blinders TV series, a gang that raged in the 1920s in Britain.

A few participants had brought firearms. They took selfies while manipulating them and re-enacting scenes from the show.

Suddenly, around 9:30 p.m., a gunshot accidentally went off and hit Thomas Bernabé.

Injured to the thorax, the young man of 27 succumbed on the spot to his injuries. The help, arrived on the scene, could not but note the death. Thomas was a fan of motorcycles and worked at CBO Group.

During the evening, this semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun was passed from hand to hand. It had been activated several times, without any blow leaving.

The gunman, also a 27-year-old refrigeration engineer, was taken into custody and then released under judicial supervision.

The rifle belonged to his father. This weapon had not been cleaned or used for a long time, and had been stored in conditions which could have altered its mechanism, until several successive manipulations on Thursday released it.

The investigation should conclude that the homicide was not intentional, the gunman believing the gun to be discharged.

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