Kaelah, 19, dies after being bitten by great white shark

The accident happened Thursday at a beach in Bowentown, near Waihi, New Zealand.

At around 5:00 p.m., Kaelah Marlow was swimming in the middle of the waves when a great white shark came towards her and bit her legs.

The shark attempted to drag the 19-year-old into deep water.

In front of shocked witnesses, the rescuers at sea rushed to get the victim out of the water.

The emergency services, arrived on the scene, tried to revive her for a good twenty minutes. In vain. She was pronounced dead on the beach.

Members of her family and friends watched helplessly as she passed away.

A couple had seen a shark swimming the day before in the same area. A young white shark had been sighted in the area several times over the past few months.


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