Remains of Bianca, 24, missing since January 3, discovered

Remains of Bianca, 24, missing since January 3, discovered

Bianca, 24, was missing on January 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Just before her disappearance, the young woman had posted sexy photos of her in a swimsuit on Twitter. Pieces of her dismembered body were found in her favela in Rio de Janeiro. Relatives of the victim suspect her ex-boyfriend, a drug dealer, of having killed her. After a year of dating, the couple broke up last August. Dalton had been harassing her ever since. “He was following her to the bus stop with a gun to prevent her from traveling. He had cordoned off an avenue to kidnap her, but he had not succeeded ”testifies a relative wishing to remain anonymous.
Bianca’s aunt said to have come across Dalton while looking for her niece. He would have confessed to having killed her while drunk. When the young woman’s family sought to find out what he had done with her body, the young man changed his story and denied being responsible for her disappearance.

Desperate, the victim’s father himself went to speak to the dealer to urge him to speak.

“I asked him to help me if he could. To return my daughter’s body to me, so that I can at least bury her. He tells everyone that he killed her, but to me, he doesn’t admit anything, ”the father told the press.

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