16-year-old teen kills his baby with 2 bullets in the head in the forest

A teenage girl gave birth to a baby girl on January 5 in Wisconsin, United States.

The young woman and her boyfriend Logan did not want to keep the baby, considering themselves too young to take care of him.

The 16-year-old boy told his girlfriend that he was going to give the baby to a friend and the friend would take him to an orphanage in Madison.

In fact, Logan put the kid in his backpack and went to a forest. He put him inside a tree trunk and shot him twice in the head with a gun.

Logan T. Kruckenberg-Anderson was arrested and taken into custody. He first tried to make believe that he had entrusted his baby to a certain “Tyler”.

Then, under pressure from investigators, he broke down and confessed the terrible truth. He guided the police to the tree trunk where the child’s body lay. He said he just wanted to give up the infant but, unable to stand the crying, he shot him dead.

He is expected to be presented to court on January 20 for his preliminary hearing. His bail was set at $ 1 million.

He should be judged like an adult. He faces life imprisonment.


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